A story of travel, adventure, sun salutations, liberation and dreaming big...


Mokṣa is a Sanskrit word meaning liberation, bliss and inner peace.

It was dreamed up whilst my husband and I had taken a few months out from the London rat-race to travel this beautiful planet we live on. I had completed a natural skincare course before going travelling but at that time it felt like more of a dream than something I could actually do for a living.

But, as we travelled I began to get more and more excited about the possibility of having my own natural skincare business and began jotting down ideas; those ideas evolved and when the time came to make the journey home I had convinced myself that I could actually make my dream a reality. The word Moksa really resonates with me in so many ways. With my travel came a great sense of freedom and a definite sense of inner peace so it just felt so apt; with that Mokṣa was born.

Having been massively inspired by my travels, and particularly by India and all it’s glorious smells and sensations, I wanted to create a brand to incorporate the experiences I had. I was also adamant that the brand would carry through all the values that I had seen the effects of first hand. This planet and all the wonderful living things on it need all the loving care they can get, so having a business with strong values such as sustainability, ethically sourcing ingredients, minimal packaging and being cruelty free are so important to me.

I just want to share a little piece of my experience and happiness and if that is taking 10 minutes out every evening to just be kind to yourself by cleansing your face properly or enjoying a long hot bath on a Sunday evening to prepare for the week ahead, then that’s great. I wanted Mokṣa to be about taking that time because it is so important to enjoy some ‘me time’ in a world which can sometimes be so crazy that it all gets a bit lost. I really hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoy dreaming them up and creating them!

Chloe xx